Monday, August 16, 2010

Private sale for Joy

Hi Joy,
This is the cherry tablecloth I was telling you about. It measures
about 44" x 45" and is made of medium weight snow white cotton.

There are bunches of strawberries...



It does have a few little issues, though. There is a small hole right on the edge of the tablecloth. It wouldn't be very hard to stitch that up. And because of it's location, it will be very hard to notice when it's done.

Below is a photo of tiny specks sprinkled about in the middle of the tablecloth. There are a few more that are not pictured, but they're not too bad.

Lastly, there is a blue smudge or dot. It's about the same color of the blue in the tablecloth.

There are no other holes, flaws or stains. It's really sweet!
Let me know what you think. If you're interested, I can bill your through Paypal and ship it with your other order. Hope you like it!
Patricia :o)